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  • An Ultimate AutoJoin Tool For Revit

    An Add-In for Revit, which is used to solve the Joining issue, would save your time and manpower.

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Have you ever faced these problems when working in Revit?

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    Each element intercepts with the others

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    Joining priority need to be switched every time

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    Valuable time is wasted on joining elements one by one


With AutoJoin, they are just 3 clicks away!

    • Convenient

      Interception could be solved by a button.

    • Flexible

      Joining priority of materials and categories could be determined by user.

    • Automatic

      Element Joining of entire model could be done automatically.

    • Intuitive user interface

      User Interface with simple design can be used easily with ignoring your experience.

    Whether you are a beginner or an expert, AutoJoin would be your best choice to save time and manpower.

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Impressive Functions

AutoJoin contains several magnificent features to ease and simplify your work.

  • Material Order
    Setting material priority can help you to complete the joining with ideal order by materials.
  • Category Order
    Rather than material, joining with category order is provided to you.
  • UnJoin
    You don’t need to worry about wrong joining, UnJoin function provides a method to return joined objects to original status.